Susan’s Book

My recently published illustrated children’s Christmas story book entitled, “The Forest Noel” is available @ or signed copies from me for $20.99 soft cover or $26.99 hardcover plus $4.00 postage.

When a dollhouse falls off a farmer´s wagon, the Squirrel Family takes up residence and provides a refuge for other forest creatures who are down on their luck. Together they learn the joy of sharing and kindness and the spirit of giving — the true Christmas message.

The Forest Noel

Mama Squirrel wrapped up her babies and gently placed them in Tip’s little red wagon. Papa Squirrel loaded the wheelbarrow with nuts and dried fruits. Sissie filled her doll buggy with clothes. The Squirrel Family worked all day long, pushing and carting and pulling all their belongings to their spacious new house. By the end of the day they were very tired from all their hard work. But, there were many fine beds with warm quilts in the bedrooms, so as soon as the sun went down, the tired Squirrel Family tumbled into their new beds and fell fast asleep. Zzzzz. Zzzzz. Zzzzz.


One Response to “Susan’s Book”

  1. Your pictures are very pretty and the book is very exciting. You are an artist!

    love ,Janie B.

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