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susan downes

Feb 21, 2009 ~ Spokesman Review ~ Lifelong artist has started sharing her work ~ excerpt “Susan Downes never really thought about her motivation; she creates simply to create, a habit that began in her youth when she drew clothes for her paper dolls and decorated her dollhouse. She then began gardening and appreciating the colorful beds and what came to fruition.”

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3 Responses to “Article in Spokesman Review”

  1. Susan,
    Saw the article in the paper. Searched out your name on the web. My gosh, I remember when I was a little girl coming to your folks and seeing you at the dining table painting! This is BEAUTIFUL!!! I really love “Tulips 2”. You have a great talent.
    Your cousin,

  2. Verne Theodore Kelling Says:

    Hi Susan…….We had no knowledge of your beautiful artwork.. Hope to see more of it. Also, on Facebook, it was good to see “Uncle Mickey” present. I’ve over the years sent him notes in Christmas cards; how is he doing? Also, give my regards to your husband.

    Verne and Carol Kelling (in Sammamish, WA)

    • susandownes Says:

      Well Hello !

      Thanks for writing. Mickey is doing just fine, still gardening and is in good health, and as thin as ever.

      I hardly ever look at Facebook and get in front of the computer as little as possible but was happily

      surprised to hear from you today. Thanks for the kind words about my art work. I do enjoy watercolors

      and some times oil painting. You can see more on Flicker , just googel in and it

      should pop up. You paint too ? It runs in the family then I guess. Uncle Bob used to draw some Dis-

      ney type characters when I was little. Would love to see your work ! I enjoyed seeing your family

      photo and hearing from you. I have to confess I am a computer dummy and anything (photos )

      you see on Facebook or Flicker my kids have put their for me !

      Thank for contacting me, enjoy your day, Susan


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