Recent Watercolors by Susan




posted by: Josh


6 Responses to “Recent Watercolors by Susan”

  1. Looking good mom!!!

  2. scott downes Says:

    Wow this is a really cool website! I like the carousel art display with the pop up paintings. Great way to display your art.

  3. Cathy Annie Says:

    Wow-this is great. Charles and Elaine arrived this morning. They are off playing cards with Don. Tere leftr a couple hours after they arrived. She made me three loaves of glutenfreee banana bread. Its been a long time since there were baking smells here. Love you all, Cathy

  4. Looking good, Mom, congratulations!

    It’s about time you had a public forum to exhibit your many pieces. I hope you can get some more of your work on the site for the world to see and buy! Love, Geoff

  5. Liz Achziger-Edwards Says:

    10/5/2010 – Susan, I recently purchased a print of “Flying Tulips” painting at Valleyfest.
    LOVE IT!!!!!

    • susandownes Says:


      How nice !!! Thanks, I’m glad you like my art work. God gets the praise for blessing me with the talent and the love of art !



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